I’ve been visiting Christine for various issues for over 15 yrs now .from skin issues to kidney problems , Chris has helped myself and my four children through so much, helping us to maintain a holistic lifestyle from pregancy through to early teens -so far!! Where medicine failed, Chris succeeded. Modern medicines are taken from herbs and plants so why not go straight to the source 😉 chris you’re amazing xxx Martha, Aoife, Sadhbh, Azuolas and Kajus xx

After learning about some of the health benefits of various plants, I decided to try herbal medicine as a natural, gentle way to good health. Christine came highly recommended and I began seeing her for herbal tinctures that would help prepare my body for pregnancy. About a year later, I have a happy, healthy baby girl. Christine has a great knowledge of plants and their medicinal uses; I would recommend her to anyone looking for a herbalist to improve their health.



“ When I got to see Christine, I was not a well lady, IBS, Fatigue, stress and throw in some Gynaecological problems to the mix and well I was banjaxed to say the least I weighed around 8 stone, my normal weights around 10, I also hadn’t slept properly in months.

I cannot thank Christine enough for her treatment. She is a lovely patient girl. Christine managed to glean enough info from me in my manic state to start treating me, I not only feel better, I have taken onboard some sensible lifestyle changes that were part and parcel of the treatment and quite honestly, I cannot recommend this woman enough.

She is a diamond, a lady who gives a complete rounded assessment and treatment. Her prices are extremely competitive and the tinctures I took for the months I seen her, really did the trick. I hope never to be as ill as I was again but if I were, my first port of call would be Christine.”



“I visited the clinic over the course of a year for rheumatism, pain, insomnia and generally feeling run-down. I went through a huge change in my eating habits and over the year my symptoms completely subsided. The herbal remedies gave me much higher energy levels and Christine was of great support to me during this time.”



“I started using herbal medicines after my cancer treatment in 2007. I came to Christine after many months of having no sense of taste and very little of smell. She had not treated this before but she managed to make up a mix of herbs which brought my taste buds back very quickly in a matter of weeks. I felt an overall improvement in my health from taking the herbs and would recommend Christine to everyone, in fact many of my friends and family have been to see her in Dublin and also find the herbs very beneficial.”



“I came to see Christine after have a long spell of unexplained raised liver enzymes. I was also suffering from blurred vision and digestive discomfort. After about 8 to 10 weeks of taking herbs and cutting out certain foods my tests came back clear and I have had no trouble since. I would highly recommend anyone to try herbs for themselves. “