Christine McQuillan MH, MIAMMH

Master Herbalist

Christine McQuillan began studying herbs in 1999 as an apprentice to Judith Hoad in Donegal. There she developed a great love for plants and their healing properties. She learned how to identify, prepare and administer herbs as medicine. She then went on to start a company called Wild West Herbs in County Clare. This company produced a range of wildcrafted herbal products, made, by hand, from locally harvested herbs.

The next step for Christine was to continue on and get a professional qualification. She attended the Irish School of Natural Healing in Portlaoise 2003-2007 where she was trained in Iridology, Master Herbalism and Natural Healing.

Master Herbalism

Master Herbalism is based on treatments which take into account the whole person. Our formulae are individually designed and work towards cleansing and nourishing all of the body's systems from the inside, out. There is also a very strong emphasis on lifestyle, diet and natural healing techniques such as hydro-therapy. Patients can be treated whilst on prescribed drugs as long as they are closely monitored and inform their doctor of what they are taking. The decision to come off medication is always left up to the patient. This process where possible can be assisted by the herbalist in liaison with other healthcare professionals involved.

If the public is to receive the best treatment, it needs the best of both worlds, length and quality of life are better helped by a multi-disciplinary team, including the herbalist. Herbalists do not claim to have 'the cure' for particular diseases, herbs are used to assist the body at self-healing which they do instinctively.


Anyone can visit The Herbal Clinic, ranging from those suffering from serious illness to those who are simply looking for healthy living advice tailored to suit their particular constitution and situation. A full inventory of each patient's diet is recorded and advice will be given on nutrition, lifestyle and natural healing methods. After an initial Iridology consultation Herbal remedies are prepared at the clinic and given to the patient. These remedies range from tinctures to powders to herbal infusions and various ointments if needed. Everything is prepared from the raw materials and no pre-made remedies are prescribed. Your particular combination suits you alone. Initial consultations take 1 hour during which a full medical history is taken. Follow up consultations take 30 to 45 mins. I believe that everyone, regardless of income should be entitled to affordable, effective medicines and this is reflected in my pricing. Discounts can be organised in special circumstances.

Contact me to arrange your first consultation now at The Dublin Naturopathy Clinic, 2 South William Street, Dublin 2. See Location Map


An hour long consultation including one months herbal formula is €70

If you cannot make an appointment please have the courtesy to give 24 hours notice. Clients who do not show up and give no notice will have to pay in advance for any future treatments.

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Christine is now available for workshops, demonstrations and courses!
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